About Us

Rome's first gourmet pizzeria since 1984

The story of our pizzeria began in 1984, when Antonio decided to leave the corporate world to follow his passion for cooking.
He realised that pizza could be much more than a poor man’s dish and started experimenting with excellent quality ingredients.

This vision led him to create some of the pizzas that are now famous and highly re-proposed in many other pizzerias, such as the amatriciana pizza and the truffle pizza.

Today, our family keeps his legacy alive, offering our customers a unique and unforgettable dining experience.


Happy customers

Excellent family-run pizzeria in a nice and cosy environment.
The pizza is delicious with a light dough and top quality ingredients, baked in a wood-fired oven.
The refinement of the raw materials can be tasted in every dish, from the starters to the cold meats, to the fish… up to the desserts… delicious!
Especially the panna cotta made by them, truly excellent!

Elisabetta Aiello

We were in the area for the first time and found this wonderful place by chance.
Kindness, politeness and wonderful dishes.
I asked for a dish that ‘looked simple’ but was a marvel.

Deisy Janeth Benites Pariona

Cosy, minimalist and elegant ambience with soft music in the background.
Family-run restaurant, the staff is very friendly and waiting times are short. Both the starters and the pizza are excellent, from the dough to the cooking. Reservations are preferable. Here in the Eur area, really recommended. There are few places like this.